Launch SLD-501/502 Smoke Diagnostic Leak Detector

السعر الأصلي هو: EGP30.00.السعر الحالي هو: EGP3.00.

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Output Pressure 0.5Psi 14-16 Psi
Flow Rate 10L/M
Power Supply 12V Fully Charged Vehicle Battery
Pressure Supply Inbuilt Air Compressor
Juice Load 40ML
Main Unit Dimension 290*185*210 mm
Gross Weight 5.6kg
Delivery Dimension 330*330*250 mm

SLD-501/502 Smoke Diagnostic Leak Detector

  1. Reduce labor cost and increase income per service
  2. Detachable smoke hose and power cords
  3. Smart 5 minutes working cycle controller with a single control button
  4. Fit most intakes/exhausts with the universal Adaptor Cone
  5. Equipped with pressure gauge and flow adjustable meter to ensure a quick diagnosis of leak status
  6. Inbuilt air comressor with big air flow rate up to 10L/M (Turbo & EVAP model)
  7. Support UV leak detection method to find leak sized less than 0.2mm
  8. EVAP model fits all passenger car system excet Turbo Charger
  9. Turbo model fits all car system except EVAP system
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